Health information - med help forums health tools health information experts my medhelp brain tumors expert forum meningiomas << back to forum by mvsu01 | jun 12, 2008 2 comments answered by michael lim, md meningiomas has anyone had experience with these? After experiencing headaches and a seizure, my 31 year old husband received a biopsy and was diagnosed with having 3 benign brain tumors called 'meningiomas'- 1 is large and the other 2 are small. wholesale price for viagra Our first neurosurgeon recommended removing the large one with surgery and the other 2 with radiation (cyberknife). We decided to go for a second opinion and while that neurosurgeon recommended removing the large one with surgery, he doesn't believe the other 2 should be treated with radiation due to my husband's age - said the radiation will inevitably damage the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor. Instead, he recommends removing all 3 surgically. The downside? viagra for young men It's a more complicated surgery that would mean 6 weeks recovery and more importantly, a 15% chance that he could lose his olfactory senses (smell/taste). cheap viagra pills We're so torn. does medical insurance pay viagra Is there anyone out there that could offer advice on this? Tweet related discussions pregnancy after tumor (1 replies):i had a benign meningioma removed last year, and everyth... [more] meningioma (4 replies):my grandfather had a meningioma diagnosed in 1995 - it w... Overdose of viagra symptoms [more] 20 year old benign meningioma tumor (4 replies):hi i am a 57 year old female who has been having headach... viagra generic discount [more] does meningioma cause more risk of bc? I had surgical removal of a meningioma brain tumor 20 ye... [more] meningioma (5 replies):i was diagnosed with a 1. 1 cm meningioma on the right fr... [more] michael lim, md   jun 13, 2008 in general, meningiomas are benign lesions.   while i have not seen your husband's scans, meningiomas can cause seizures. cheapest viagra online pharmacy   if they are large and are causing symptoms, most neurosurgeons would recommend removing it. how to buy viagra online   for the smaller lesions, surgery, radiation, and observation are all options. viagra online kaufen ohne rezept   the decision for choosing is complex and in general take into account history (i. viagra generic discount E. Can you buy viagra over the counter in england Symptoms or demonstration of meningioma progession over time), size, location of the meningioma, and they patient''s preferences.   while it is a distressing period, perhaps getting another opinion can help you get more information. 2 comments lizzie123   jun 18, 2008 to: mvsu01 i had surgery to remove a large meningioma nearly three years ago. It saved my life as i was in danger of a stroke and losing my vision. viagra online kaufen ohne rezept I am 37 with two children, the operation itself does have risks and is scary but when you think of your family you have to go through it and i am glad i did. no rx viagra cheap Primerate2   oct 21, 2008 a related discussion, i also had a large one was started. viagra 20 mg price comparison « previous next » < back to forum continue discussion this discussion is closed. buy viagra online Click on the 'continue discussion' button to continue the discussion in a related community forum. Safe drink alcohol take viagra will 12.5 mg of viagra work


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